About Alice

Dear Customers and Friends,

Many of the drawings within this website have come from my experiences of being a mother and a wife. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and seven children (4 sons, one daughter who is "safe in the arms of Jesus" and two more daughters through adoption).

I have been drawing in pencil for many years now, but following the death of our first daughter, Grace, God has given me a strong desire to use my drawings to glorify Him and to encourage, inspire, challenge and motivate other mothers in the awesome and divinely ordained role of motherhood. God is also using some of my drawings to encourage and challenge fathers as they touch and train their children for eternity. My goal is for you (the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, etc.) to get a glimpse through my drawings of the eternal impact you can have on the precious child that God has given you.

There is also comfort and encouragement for those mothers, fathers and grandparents who are dealing with the loss of a child whether through stillbirth, death after birth, miscarriage, or abortion. My prayer is simply that God would use the drawings 'Safe in the Arms of Jesus' to enable you to find comfort and grace through visualization of Jesus holding your child.

I regard it as a great honor and privilege that you are considering my artwork for you home or for a friend.

Thank you very Much!

Here is a drawing that I did when I was 3 ½ yrs. My mom had held onto it and now I have it framed in my workroom.  It’s my perspective as a 3.5 year old of my Uncle & his milk cow. From the vantage point of a 3 yr old, I guess the cow’s underside seemed massive. I do remember how my uncle would squirt milk while milking right into the cat’s awaiting mouth.