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Father's Prayer with Boy
Father's Prayer with Boy
Father's Prayer with a boy shows a precious moment between a father and son, giving thanks to Him. These prints are very popular as Father's Day, birthday and Christmas gifts! Includes the following poem... A Father's Prayer - author unknown Dear God, my little boy of three, has said his nightly prayer to thee; Before his eyes were closed to sleep, He asked that Thou his soul would keep. And, I still kneeling at his bed, My hand upon his tousled head, Do ask, with deep humility, That Thou, dear Lord remember me. Make me, kind Lord, as a worthy Dad, That I may keep his steps aright. O God, his trust must never be destroyed or even marred by me. So, for the simple things he prayed with childish voice so unafraid, I, trembling, ask the same from Thee. Dear Lord, kind Lord, remember me. Also comes as Father's Prayer with girl. Click on Encouraging Art for Mother's for more info.
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